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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

WIPocalypse Report

It was another quiet sttiching lunar month for me.  I've crossed five Christmas ornaments off my stitching list, and I'm quite happy with that.  My WIPocalypse stitching list now has just a few items left, so I may have to add a few more to the list soon.

Here are my August ornaments:
All designers are fully credited in the posts below. Sam Hawkins is the designer for the top three, and Dale Burdett for the other two.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Two more ornaments finished

I finished up the last of the Christmas ornaments I stitched on my holiday.  This ornament is a Christmas gift for the older brother of the twins for whom I stitched the HoHoOh Santas.  The design is  adapted from Dale Burdett's 1990 booklet "A Mini Christmas" DB#132 .

And I then adapted the design quite more a lot to stitch this ornament for a purple-loving Christmas visitor.  It looks a bit dull in the pic, but s much sharper in reality.

An internet friend has advised me that she is having problems leaving a comment on my blog.  I have attempted to make the blog comments accessible to all.  I wish I understood more about how the blog works. I will keep trying to resolve the problem.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Some progress ...

I have finished up three of the four Christmas ornaments I stitched on my trip in the van.  They are gifts for some special Christmas visitors - twin boys and their young cousin.  The design is from Sam Hawkins "50 Santas to Cross Stitch" book (1993) ASN #3616.

and the ornament backs:

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Home again ...

We're just back from a 17 day trip in the van.  We travelled up the coast to Byron Bay, stopping at Woolgoolga on the way up, and Yamba and Laurieton on the way home.  They're all coastal towns in my home state.  In all, we travelled around 1400 km.  It was a very relaxing holiday. We were so lucky with the weather - we had lovely warm to hot sunny days and cool nights, but no rain.  Each of the towns we went to had severe storms and loads of rain in the few days before we arrived, and our home town also had severe storms while we were away.  We picked our trip time well!  We had company on this trip.  Our friend Merre and her Toy Poodle puppy Bella came along in their van.  Bella is 4 months old, and took to camping like a natural. Here's Bella:

and just to be fair, here's Maddie sleeping on a cushion in the van.  Maddie is still really not convinced we needed another dog on the trip, but she was reasonably tolerant of whirlwind Bella.

I managed to stitch a little in the van - four Christmas ornaments stitched but not yet finished up.  The first one is adapted from Dale Burdett's 1990 booklet "A  Mini Christmas" DB#132 (I added some extra space between the branches, and changed all the floss colours).  The other design is from Sam Hawkins "50 Santas to Cross Stitch" book (1993) ASN #3616.

That's all from me now - I'll be in the laundry for the forseeable future trying to reduce the mound of dirty clothes and linen - yuk!