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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Gifted Gorgeousness post for May

I am having great trouble adjusting to the pace at which this year is disappearing. I guess it's a sign that I am showing my age. Here we are again - time for the GG report, hosted by Jo at Serendipitous Stitching.

All my stitching this month qualifies for GG, as all will be gifted. These are the Christmas ornaments I have finished since the last GG report.  I did already show this pic in the last Smalls report. Not so many finished this month. The angel is pretty heavily adapted from one of TIAG's Band of Angels; the stocking is my own design; and the poinsettias are Jill Oxton designs (Issue 47 JO Cross Stitch & Beading).

I stitched this retrospective Baby's First Christmas ornament for a 4 year old who has just joined the extended family of a friend. All the other children in the family have First Christmas ornaments on the Christmas Tree, and I didn't want Oliver to be the odd one out.

Oliver's First Christmas ornament is my 76th Christmas ornament for this year. Three of them haven't yet been finished, as I am waiting for an expected baby's name and birth date to add final details. 

These are my 2019 Christmas ormaments:

There are  actually  82 finished ornaments  - 9 were made in December 2018. The three unfinished ornaments aren't in the pic. So, I have 85 ornaments for Christmas giving.

I have also stitched Cicely Mary Barker Flower Fairy name samplers for two little honorary nieces, first cousins. I will frame them and give them as Christmas gifts. I have now stitched all the items on my 2019 stitching list. I will probably add a few more to the list - maybe name samplers for my youngest sister's two grandchildren. 

My final items are not cross stitch, but I'm showing them anyway, just because I love them. Some little white beaded angels, which I have made for a friend. I found the beads for the bodies in a charity shop, and they inspired me to create some Christmas angels. I had all the other bits and pieces in my stash. My friend collects quirky angels, and I am sure she will love them, and make room for them on her Christmas tree. 

That's all from me this month. I'm looking forward to seeing all the other Gifted Gorgeousness creations.