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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Gifted Gorgeousness, September

 Jo at Serendipitous Stitching  hosts the Gifted Gorgeousness  (GG) SAL on the 15th of each month. Anything stitched to be gifted, or stitched using gifted supplies, qualifies for inclusion on the GG report.

I finished up all the stitched designs I had in my work basket - 12 in all.  Here's a group pic.

There are four bead decorated Christmas trees. I love making these, and really try to make each one different. Usually I give these to Christmas visitors as take home gifts. This year many will be mailed out in Christmas cards.  COVID is not my friend! 

 And there are four more tiny Christmas stocking ornaments. The Santa design is adapted from Kooler's Littlest Stocking.

This Baby's First Christmas is the second of four I am making this year. The teddy was a DMC on-line freebie many years ago, but it's no longer on their website.

This Santa is for a niece. I made a few changes (floss colours, facial features) to a Graphique Greetings Folk Art Santa chart designed by Robin Rowe that I was given as a Christmas card on 1989.

This Angel is for another niece. I made a few changes (changed floss colours, omitted halos on angel and candle, swapped beads for some cross stitches in wings and dress ribbon, and changed the skirt shape at the bottom) to Cathy Livingstone's Miniature Angel Bellpull design.

This one is for my youngest sister (mother of the two nieces). This one is my own design.

In September I have stitched another eight designs, and made up seven into Christmas ornaments:  four more tiny stockings, two bead decorated Christmas trees, and a heart wreath for Angela. The eighth is a Baby's First Christmas design for a niece's baby, but baby's not due till mid December, so I can't finish it up till we have a name. 

 I have now stitched all the Christmas ornaments which were on my list for 2021 (90 ornaments - 12 for me  43 for family members and 35 for friends). The only two which haven't been finished up are the two Baby's First Christmas ornaments waiting for names.

And that is all I have to show this month.

Friday, August 27, 2021

Smalls Report for August

The last Friday in August has just crept up on me, so it's time for the monthly Smalls SAL Report, hosted by Mary at  Mary's Thread.

 I've not much to show this month.  Just a few Christmas ornaments, none of which has yet been finished up as an ornament. In fact, in my work basket right now I have 4 tiny stockings and six stitched designs all waiting to be finished ornaments.  That's my task for next week.

First up, a Santa and an Angel for two nieces.  The Santa is adapted from Robin Rowe's Folk Art Santa chart a Graphique Greetings design which was on the back of a Christmas card I received way back in 1988. I changed the colours, made some changes to the design and the border, and added the message.

The Angel was adapted from the Miniature Angel Belpull design by Cathy Livingstone . I changed the colours and the dress shape, omitted the halo on the angel and candle, and substituted beads for some of the stitches in the ribbon and wings.

I made another little beaded Christmas tree for my Christmas gift basket. At this stage it looks as though I won't be getting Christmas visitors this year (COVID restrictions), so my take-home Christmas gifts will actually become mailed-out Christmas gifts. 

And that's all I have to show this month. I will be trying to finish up all the stitched pieces in my work basket before I stitch any more designs, but I may not be able to hold myself to this goal. Time will tell.

Monday, August 16, 2021

Gifted Gorgeousness Report for August

 I'm late again for the Gifted Gorgeousness (GG) report. Jo hosts the GG SAL at Serendipitous Stitching on the 15th of each month. Anything stitched with gifted supplies or stitched to be gifted qualifies for the GG report.

This month has been a very different one. I had a birthday, we went into COVID related lockdown, I broke a tooth which has led to root canal treatment and a crown, and it's time for my annual post breast cancer tests. A busy month for me! 

I finished up all the ornaments I stitched last month. I did show the photos in the Smalls report, but because I am in pain (from dental procedure today) and need distracting, I'm putting the pics in here too.

I crocheted a  cotton sundress for Miss Sarah's 4th birthday. I haven't been able to give it to her yet, as we are in lockdown and visiting is not allowed.  

I've stitched a few more Christmas ornaments. I can now count on my fingers the number of Christmas ornaments remaining on my Christmas stitching list, so I added to the list name samplers for three little boys who will, I hope, visit me this Christmas.   

This ornament is for my youngest sister. I started with Vermillion's Christmas Mini Ornament chart in front of me, and the angel dresses came from that (cross stitched instead of backstitched) but that needle ran away from me and the finished stitching is nothing at all like the charted ornament. 

This is the Vermillion inspiration:

A Baby's First Christmas ornament for a cousin's grandson. I'm waiting for baby's name to finish the stitching. Although it doesn't look like it in the pic, the fabric is a plain white. I have one more of these to make this year.

Some more little stocking ornaments. I think I have just 2 more of these to make this year.

And that is all I have to show.  I am really looking forward to seeing all the GG stitching this month.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Smalls SAL (July)

 Mary at  Mary's Thread hosts the Smalls SAL on the last Friday of each month. It's been a few months since my last Smalls report, but I have a few finishes to show today.

I finished my Kooler 12 Days of Christmas set (designer Sandy Orton), and they are packed away waiting for Christmas. I really like this set. They are so bright and colourful.  I was stitching one Day per month till we got halfway through the year, when I started panicking that I wouldn't get them finished in time for Christmas decorating. So I finished the rest to make sure they would be there when I need them. This year I will have three 12 Days sets to display. They will be decorating an internal door.  I shall run ribbons right around the door top to bottom, and peg the ornaments to the ribbons. 

I stitched a Baby's First Christmas ornament for my newest great- niece, and another for a family friend (that one is not yet finished up). I have two more of these to make this year. The teddy design was an on-line freebie that I got many years ago. I've lost the details, but I think it was from DMC, though it is not on their website now.

I made some bead decorated Christmas trees (my own design).  I love making these!

These five ornaments are for a long-term friend and her  grandchildren  -  two sisters in New Zealand and two brothers in England.  The children's ornaments are Jeanette Crews designs.  I swapped beads for stitches in the angels' wings. My friend's ornament is adapted from a design by Susan Greening Davis published in JCS Christmas Ornament issue 2015

Finally, I made another 6 tiny stocking ornaments. The Santa in these stockings is adapted from Kooler's Littlest Stocking chart. The trees and the stocking finish are my own designs.

Friday, July 16, 2021

Gifted Gorgeousness Report for July

 I'm a few days late with this Gifted Gorgeousness report. Jo at Serendipitous Stitching hosts the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL, and the 15th of each month is the day to report.  Pretty much all of my stitching qualifies, as most of my stitching is destined to be gifted, and the few things that I stitch for myself are stitched on gifted supplies (my family and friends are very generous when it comes to birthday and Christmas gifts).

The first thing I have to show is my HAED Christmas Dreams, home from the framer and now hanging in my craft room.  I am so happy with the framing. For this photo I sat the frame on a 2 -seater sofa, and there wasn't much room to spare on the sofa.

The next group is also mine. This year I am stitching Kooler's 12 Days of Christmas, designed by Sandy Orton.  This month I finished up into ornaments Days 6, 8, 10, 11, and 12, and stitched Days 7 and 8.

I made a glittery Christmas tree ornament for Miss 11.

This group of ornaments are for the grandchildren of a long term friend - two boys in England and two girls in New Zealand. All the designs came from Jeanette Crews Designs One Nighters leaflet, "59 Christmas Motifs". I substituted beads for stitches in the angel wings.

These four ornaments will be take home gifts for Christmas visitors.  The message on the first one is adapted from Susan Greening Davis' design 'Memories' published in JCS Christmas Ornaments 2015.

This ornament is for a family friend.  The photo isn't good. The fabric is a pretty pale blue.

I stitched these Santa initial ornaments for the grandchildren of a cousin. I stitched the children's given names on the reverse of each ornament. This Santa alphabet was in LA's Alphabets Galore book.

My current WIP is this ornament for my newest great-niece.  I have had the teddy chart for over 20 years, and I know it was an internet freebie, possibly from DMC, though it is no longer on their website.

I now have 11 ornaments to make up, and that will be my task for the coming week.