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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Gifted Gorgeousness report for May

It's May 15 - time for the monthly Gifted Gorgeousness (GG) Report. Jo at Serendipitous Stitching hosts GG.  Anything that is stitched to be gifted, or is stitched with gifted supplies, qualifies for the GG report.

I have no Christmas ornaments to show this month. Hopefully there will be a few next month. I do have some gift stitching, though.  have stitched a birth sampler for my newest great nephew. I used the same dinosaur alphabet (designer Clare Cromoton) I had used for his first cousin's birth sampler a few years ago. I am hoping that my framer will be able to re-open his business soon so I can get it framed for his first birthday in September. I had intended to use the dinosaur alphabet for his second name, but I was limited by the size limits of my lap-frame, so I reduced the letter size and eliminated the dinosaurs to fit his second name on the fabric width I was using. I added the dinosaurs on the bottom row for balance. I was quite happy with the result. The photo really doesn't do it justice. The fabric is a pale blue 28 count evenweave.

My second piece is an unfinished name sampler for another young great-nephew. I have just one more letter to stitch - the B to make the name Boden. I'm using Allura's Australian Alphabet (designer Guy Hayes) for this one.  For non-Aussies, the O is a native orchid, the D is a Delicate Mouse, the E is an echidna, and the N is a numbat. The B will be a brolga (a native bird). Again, the photo is not great. The fabric is the same pale blue evenweave I used for George's birth sampler. I used DMC floss instead of the charted floss, and changed floss colours  in some of the letters.

I'm working my way through my 2020 stitching list. Just one more name sampler (for Boden's sister Niva) and a few Christmas ornaments left. I am starting to think about bringing my HAED Christmas Dreams out to the stitching corner. It's been a long time since it saw the light of day. My memory is pretty hazy, but I think it's over 3 years since I have touched it. I can recall stitching on it in February or March 2017, but not since then.  It's about 30% finished, so there's a lot of stitching waiting to be done.  

Friday, April 24, 2020

Smalls Report for April

The last Friday in each month is the day for the Smalls SAL Report, hosted by Mary at Marys Thread.  Today marks the end of our seventh week of self-isolation. It's starting to feel quite normal  which is a bit of a worry.

I have more Christmas ornaments to show. I have now stitched all of the Christmas ornaments on my 2020 Christmas gift list. Two still need to be made up into ornaments - they are waiting for names to be added once the babies are born.  I do have seven ornaments to stitch for myself, so it's not the end of my ornament stitching just yet.

Here are my April ornaments:

And here is a pic of all the ornaments I have finished so far this year:

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Gifted Gorgeousness Report for April

This past month has been a very quiet one for me. Like many others, I have been self-isolating at home. I'm not a very social person, so I was surprised that I found it so difficult. I now treasure my weekly trip to the supermarket, which is the only time I get to leave the house.  I yearn for food cooked by somebody else. When this is over, and we get back to something resembling normal life, I plan to eat out for a week!

So, it's the middle of the month - time to report for the Gifted Gorgeousness (GG) SAL, hosted by Jo at Serendipitous Stitching. Basically, if it's stitched to be gifted, or stitched using gifted supplies, it qualifies for the GG SAL.

If you've visited here before, you'll probably be aware that most of my stitching is Christmas- related, and it's mostly Christmas ornaments. I have stitched some ornaments this month, but I'm starting with something different - a bib which will be a Christmas gift for a great-niece born in March.  I took elements from three bib designs in Linda Gillum's 'Bibs by the Bunch' (LA #939), and added a few tiny butterflies ( 'The Omnibook of Quickies', Jeanette Crews #805).

I also stitched a Christmas ornament for Niva. The teddy design is a DMC on-line freebie that I found many years ago. I have also stitched two more DMC teddy ornaments for babies who will be celebrating their first Christmas in 2020. I'm waiting for names to finish the ornaments.

This ornament is for my second sister, who has a fondness for cherubs. The designer is Karen Brittan, and I found the chart for the Romantic Cherubs alphabet in an old issue of UK Quick & Easy Cross Stitch magazine.

Two more TIAG freebie angels (with a few changes). This year all my nieces and two of my sisters are getting TIAG angel ornaments for Christmas.

This little tree is a JBW design, from the 2017 JCS Christmas Ornament issue. I did make a few amendments- changing all the floss colours, and replacing the cross stitch at the top of each tree with a tiny gold star. This one is for my youngest sister.

The next  two ornaments will be hanging on my own tree this year. They are stitched with gifted fabric and floss. Four Calling Birds and Five Golden Rings for my 12 Days of Christmas ornament set.  I chose to stitch kookaburras as my calling birds, because I love their call. If you don't know kookaburras, they are large solid birds of the kingfisher family. Their call is long and loud, and is reminiscent of laughter. You can hear their call  here.  I was inspired by a little kookaburra design by Di Noyce, published in an early Jill Oxton Cross Stitch Australia magazine, but I did make quite a few changes.  The 5 Golden Rings is from  a set by Lesley Grant which I found in UK Cross Stitcher December 1995 issue.

Finally, three little button and/or bead decorated Christmas tree ornaments. I doubt I'll be getting Christmas visitors this year (I anticipate the restrictions on gatherings of more than 2 people will still be in force), so these will go in the gift basket for 2021. Surely we will be out of this crisis by then!  No designer to credit - these trees just grow as I stitch.

That's my lot for this month. I hope you can stay safe, wherever you are.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Easter Blog Hop

I am pleased to be participating in Jo's Easter Blog Hop again this year. You can find Jo's blog here.

My letter is:

The next blog to visit on the letter trail is:

Jo has asked us to show a picture relating to Easter or Spring. I've chosen this cross-stitched Baltimore Quilt Sampler which was a SAL project stitched in 2004 by two Canadian and one US stitchers, and me. We each stitched 3 motifs, and when it came home I stitched the border.  It is one of my favourites, and hangs in my study.  The floral designs remind me of Spring.

Happy Easter

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Smalls Report for March

I'm running late for this month's Smalls SAL. Not only late - also not finished! I got off to a good start, then got sidetracked by life's little diversions.

Here's what I have finished.  First up, my little gingerbreads. The chart for the first 2 photos was in LA's Christmas Caboodle #4 leaflet, and the third photo is a Barbara Mock design from Christmas Quickies II leaflet.

Next up, a batch of Told in A Garden angels - five finished up, and three waiting to be made up into ornaments:

My Twelve Days ornament for March. The three hen chart was in a DMC leaflet called 'La Ferme'.

Another ornament featuring my favourite Dale Burdett teddy (A Mini Christmas booklet):

Here's a group photo of this past month's
finished  Christmas ornaments:

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Gifted Gorgeousness Report for March

This year is slipping by way too quickly for me. The 15th of each month is the time to post our Gifted Gorgeousness (GG) reports. GG is a SAL hosted by Jo at Serendipitous Stitching.  Basically, anything stitched using gifted supplies, or stitched to be gifted qualifies for GG. Pretty much everything I stitch meets one or both of  the GG requirements.

This month I have 11 stitched designs to show. They will all be made up into Christmas ornaments.

First, three little gingerbread babies for three of our extended family dogs. I found the gingerbread chart in LA's Christmas Caboodle #4 leaflet (1986), and I did make just a few little changes. I used the same chart to stitch Oliver's ornament.

I do like stitching gingerbread designs, so I stitched another pair for a great-nephew, using a different chart by Barbara Mock from the Christmas Quickies II booklet.

This Santa Teddy is one of my all-time favourites. Most of the children I know have one of these hanging on their Christmas Tree. The designer is Dale Burdett, and my chart is from A Mini Christmas (1990).

Another favourite design (on reflection, I have rather a lot of favourites!) is this little DMC on-line freebie. This one is waiting for baby's name. Baby is already 12 days old, and her parents have chosen a name but can't decide on the way to spell it.

This next Baby's First Christmas is for a new little neighbour, a girl not yet named, expected to arrive in April.

Two little angels adapted from TIAG designs. The first one is for one of my oldest friends.  The second one is for a nephew and his partner.

Adapted from one of the charts
 in TIAG's Band of Angels

Adapted from the TIAG 1986
Amish Angel on-line Christmas freebie

Last but not least,  Three French Hens, the third of the 12 Days ornament set I am stitching for myself this year. I took this design from a DMC leaflet called La Ferme.

I will be stitching a few more designs in the next week or so, and plan to make them all up into Christmas ornaments before the end of the month.

Friday, February 28, 2020

Smalls Report for February

The end of the month is here, and that is my reminder to put up my post for the Smalls SAL, hosted by Mary at Mary's Thread.  So far this year I have stitched only 'smalls' - and all my finishes for this year so far are Christmas ornaments. This past month has been a very productive one. Today I have 20 finished Christmas ornaments to show.  My target was 8 for February, so I am currently way ahead of schedule.

First up are my ten tiny stocking Christmas ornaments. I adapted a Kooler Design Studio chart (LA 3428, Christmas Ornaments) for a one-dimensional plastic canvas stocking by smoothing out the edges,  adding the 'cuff' for the name, and attaching a back to make a real little open-top stocking.


The final stocking I made missed the group  photo, so it gets a solo appearance:

This is my '2 Turtle Doves' Christmas ornament.  I modified Lesley Grant's design (UK Cross Stitcher magazine Dec 1995) by omitting the charted dove cote, adding a second turtle dove  and adding the border and text.

These four initial ornaments are for the grandchildren of an old friend - two English brothers and two Kiwi sisters. The designer is Alma Lynne (A-Z Christmas Alphabets and Borders).

I made this angel for a dear friend who has a fondness for angels, the colour purple, and hearts. The designer is Patricia Behrens (Two Hour Crossstitch), but I have to admit to making a lot of changes, including omitting the musical instrument, making a few changes to the dress, and adding the facial features. 

This ornament is for my favourite aunt. I found the 'JOY' chart on-line as part of a Christmas ornament freebie chart  and I added a tiny Kooler angel and the border.

And, last but not least, three Santa ornaments. The Santa initial ((LA Alphabets Galore, 1998) is for a greatnephew, the other two (designer Barbara Mock, Christmas Quickies) are for two young neighbourhood sisters.

Thank you for visiting.