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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Smalls SAL Report for October

I stitched and framed up this name plaque for a great-niece's 6th birthday in November.  I wanted to fit the stitched piece into a purchased frame, so I stitched it over 1 on 25 count, full cross stitch. Not a particularly good decision, as it's a messy chart with lots of fractionals and outlining stitches which jump across the cross stitches.  To reduce my stress levels, I converted most of the fractionals into full crosses, and sacrificed some of the detail.  I framed it in a ready-made 8" x 10" frame, and while I am happy with the outcome,  I think I will replace the mount with a plain white one (or perhaps a pale lilac one) with just a slightly smaller opening.

Cicely Mary Barker's A is for Apple Blossom Fairies

I wanted to stitch a birth sampler for my youngest great-niece, whose name also starts with A, as a Christmas gift. I already had the floss kitted up for the Apple Blossom Fairies design, so I decided to stitch the design again, this time over 2 on 28 count, and see if I found it any easier than the over 1 on 25 count effort.  The answer was, of course, that over 2 on 28 count was a much better choice.  

It is straight on  the fabric - my scanning skills need some work.
I will add a few salient details, then frame it up - I have a 10" x 13" frame that will suit.

So, that is my stitching effort for the month. I look forward to checking all the blogs - always a pleasant past-time for me.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Happy Dance at my house - and GG Report for October (a trifle early)

I have just finished the final item on my 2016 Stitching List - so I'm celebrating!  Of course, it probably won't mean the end of my stitching for the year - I'm sure that if I put my mind to it, I will be able to find a few more projects to add to this year's stitching list.  I do have another 10 great nieces or nephews after all!

Here is my latest finish, which will be a Christmas gift for a great-niece, after I have found a frame for it. It's not as faded as the picture suggests, and there is no colour variation on the fabric, which is actually antique white.

Cicely Mary Barker's Apple Blossom Fairies, 
from DMC Collections's Flower Fairies Alphabet book.

It is stitched 1/1 on 25 count linen, full cross stitches.  The design was full of fractionals, and I just found that too difficult and frustrating over 1 on 25 count, so I converted most of the fractional stitches to full cross sttches,  Consequently, some of the lovely detail has been lost, but I am happy with the overall effect.  I also added some 'rosebuds' to the fairy's hair, and changed the letter colour from the charted greens to Amelia's favoutite purple.

In the last month, I also stitched and finished an ornament for a niece.

 It is adapted from 'Give Love for Christmas' by Fran Colburn of Legacy Designs. The chart was printed in JCS Ornament Issue 2015. I made lots of changes, so I can just see the designer pulling out her hair and denying responsibility for the outcome! I changed the fabric, all the floss, and the entire message section.  I also stitched the border in 2 colours rather than the one colour charted and did the birds in smyrna cross stitched to help them stand out.