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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

A batch of Angels, and a few little finishes.

I have been very slack this year. The days are just slipping away and I think I've missed many of the reporting days, for both the the Smalls and the Gifted Gorgeousness SALs.  My RA has become active, and that has slowed down my productivity. I was very lucky to be in remission since August 2022, when I had my last breast cancer surgery. So I have started back on my medications, and hope they will kick in soon.

These are the ornaments I have stitched and finished since my last blog post. Three little teddies (the chart is a very old DMC freebie that I can no longer find on their website) for three babies who will be celebrating  their first Christmasses this year.

And, stitched from another free on-line chart, the 1997 Christmas Angel from L& L (which is still available free on the TIAG website). I decided to frame it in a purchased frame, and it will be a Christmas gift for an angel-loving friend.

I was having trouble stitching, so decided to tidy up my stash. Everything was going well till I got to my bead box. I was I intending just to sort out the beads, but the first thing I pulled out of my (big) storage box was a bag of beads asking to be made into angel bodies.

And here are the 19 completed beaded angels:

The red ones in the top pic are the biggest - 11 cm (a  bit over 4") long, and the smallest ones, measuring just under 4cm  (about 1.6") long  are in the bottom pic. I do love making beaded angels. I will probably keep them for my own hand-crafted Christmas tree.