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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness Report for November

So, here we are again.  There's a lot going on in my house right now (90 yr old MIL in hospital with broken hip, country relatives staying to visit MIL), so stitching has taken a back seat.   However, I have finished my name sampler for Jude, stitched a bib for my new great-niece, and started a set of two ornaments for a long-term friend who has welcomed two new grandchildren (her first grandchildren) this year.

This is the bib I stitched for my great-niece.  It's not a great pic, I'm afraid.  I started to stitch the 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' bib from LA's Bibs by the Bunch leaflet (LA939), but rethought it after I had almost finished the 'Mary' bear.  I decided I definitely wanted to include baby's name, so I stitched another bear reversing the image, and stitched baby's name between them.  If I had planned it out first, I would have left more space for the name - but I didn't, so I filled the leftover space with hearts, for this brave little fighter who has had so much to contend with in the nine weeks since she was born. Of course this bib is way too big for Annabelle right now, but I am confident she will grow into it.  It is part of her Christmas gift.

And here is the name sampler I stitched for our little Aussie-American.  I used the letters from Allura's Australian Alphabet, but changed the colours in the letters to make them all the same. I'll be taking this to the framer in the next day or so. It will be a Christmas gift.

And the ornaments for my friend.  I have stitched the one for the little Belgian-Aussie grand-daughter living in Britain, but I have only started on the border of the little Aussie grandson who lives locally.  I have to have both finished up by December 8, for my friend's 60th birthday. The teddy is a freebie from the DMC website. I changed the floss colours.
These two ornaments will be the last of my 2015 stitching.  My next project will be the HAED Christmas Dreams - but as that one is for me, it won't count for Gifted Gorgeousness reports!