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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Smalls Report for November

 I'm a little late with my Smalls report. I've been away inland in the caravan, and that is why I actually have some Smalls to show this month. If I had been at home it is likely that all my November stitching would have been on my big WIP, Christmas Dreams.  The extreme heat we are having (today the temp reached 45C or 113F) ended our caravan trip earlier than planned, which is why I am home to make this report. The Smalls Report is hosted by Mary at Mary's Thread.

I have stitched three little Christmas ornaments. They are all ready to have their beads added, and be made up. My task for the next couple of days.

They will all look prettier when they get their beads.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Gifted Gorgeousness Report for November

It's the 15th of the month (again) - time for the Gifted Gorgeousness report.  GG is hosted by Jo at Serendipitous Stitching.  Anything stitched with gifted supplies, or stitched to be gifted, qualifies for inclusion in the GG report.

My WIP, HAED Christmas Dreams, is stitched with gifted pattern and supplies, and I am very pleased to report that it is now 71.8% finished. It's on track to be completed by mid 2021.  This time last month I was working on the 38th page. I have now stitched 43 of the 66 pages, and made a start on the 44th page.  I took this photo (off the frame) when I finished row 7 of charts (42nd page).

This next photo shows where I am up to now. I didn't take it off the frame for the photo, but I have turned the photo right-side up for ease of viewing.

I picked up my crochet hook  and made a little shopping bag for Miss 3. I had cotton left after making her a dress for her birthday, and thought that would be a good use for it.  I've ordered some large glittery butterfly beads to brighten it up. Miss 3 loves bags,  butterflies, and bling  so I think she will approve. I didn't have a pattern for the bag, but used my favourite twisted treble stitch for the body because it is quite a stretchy stitch and I thought it would work well as a bag.

I also made a batch of beaded angels, using pearl drop beads I was given for my birthday by a friend who recognised that the beads were crying out to be angels. I will keep most of these for my 'hand-crafted' Christmas tree, but some will be gifted this Christmas.

That's all I have to show this month  except that I did make up the Christmas ornaments I had stitched last month.

 I am looking forward to visiting the GG blogs to see all the lovely projects completed and WIPs.