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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Jo's Advent Blog Hop - Day 11

11th December - my turn to put in a post on Jo's Advent Blog Hop.  The picture I have chosen is of my Craft Tree - the Christmas Tree on which I have displayed my stitched Christmas ornaments and my beaded angels.  If you want to see some angels, enlarge the picture and look carefully between the branches. My beaded angels vary from about 1 cm to about 15 cm tall (0.5" to 6" tall) , and there are over 100 scattered over the tree.  The tree itself is a 1990s tree which was rescued after it had been abandoned by its family.  It is the first time I have put up a tree just for my handiwork.  In all, I have 7 large Christmas trees in my house this year, and this one is my favourite.

More views of the tree:

Boxing Day - here in Australia there are two things strongly associated with Boxing Day, and they are hot dry weather (I'm talking high 30s to 40s C -over 100 F), and sport.  On Boxing Day there are two big sporting events: it's Day 1 of  a cricket Test match; and the start of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race.  In my house it is also Day 1 of the unpacking of Christmas and return of the house (freshly cleaned) to its usual state.  So, I will be knee deep in tissue paper and boxes, wrapping up Santas and Angels that are like old friends, and packing them for storage until next November, and in the background will be the cricket and yachting reports on the TV. It about 2 weeks to complete the transformation.  I used to like to have the house back to its normal state by New Year's Day, but these days I am much slower.