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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Smalls Report for October

Time for the October Smalls report - boy, has that snuck up on me! I really can not believe how quickly this year has disappeared. The Smalls SAL is hosted by Mary at Mary's Thread, on the last Friday of each month.

I have just a few Smalls to show this month.  These Christmas ornaments just grew as I stitched.  They bring to 100 the total number of Christmas ornaments I have stitched this year.

I can't resist showing my final batch of beaded angels for 2021. They bring my angel total for this year to 77.  Some off these angels will go into the tiny stocking Christmas ornaments I have made for family and friends this year. 

I may need a shoe-horn for the next project. The question is how small is a Small? This design measures 7" wide and 5" tall, and after a lot of deliberation I decided to include it. Each of the elements in it is indeed small.

For Bronte's birth sampler I used Lesley Teare's Ballerina Alphabet (David & Charles book, 'Cross Stitch Alphabets', 2003). I separated the ballerinas from their letters, changed the floss colours, and changed the backstitching. When I decided to stitch this I was in a dilemma because we were in lockdown, and all 'non-essential' shops were closed.  I had already used up all my evenweave, and knew from recent experience that the earliest I could expect a postal delivery of fabric was 2 weeks. I felt so lucky when a frantic search of the craft storage unearthed a huge piece of Aida 18. I used to stitch a lot on Aida 18 decades ago, before I found evenweave and linen.  Stitching this design taught me that I no longer enjoy stitching on Aida 18, particularly when there are a lot of fractional stitches in the design.  The good news is that using 18 count brought the size down to 7" x 5", which means I can frame it myself in a purchased frame.

It's unlikely that I will be stitching any more Smalls this year (unless I get the urge to start on my 2022 ornament list), so this could be my final Smalls report for 2021. I have really enjoyed participating in the Smalls SAL again this year.  Mary, thank you for hosting.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Gifted Gorgeousness report for October

October already - this year has just flown by for me, which is very odd considering that COVID restrictions have kept me in the house most of the year.  Activity restrictions have loosened up a little recently, and there is some hope for more freedom in December, so I'm hanging out for that.  So, here we are once again at the 15th of the month, which means it's time for the monthly Gifted Gorgeousness report. GG is hosted by Jo at Serendipitous Stitching.  Anything stitched with gifted supplies, or stitched to be gifted  qualifies for inclusion on the GG report.

I have a few things to show today.  I thought I had finished my Christmas ornaments for this year, but I managed to find another 4 people - well, 3 people and a dog - who needed ornaments. And I was able to finish up one of the First Christmas ornaments I had stitched earlier, because a new baby cousin arrived in late September. These are the five finished ornaments for October:

I stitched and framed name samplers for 3 gorgeous young brothers aged 6, 3, and 1, to be Christmas gifts. I used Claire Crompton's Dinosaur Alphabet. The first pic is closer to the actual colours. I framed them in purchased 20 cm x 25 cm (8" x 10") frames that came with the 12.5 cm x 17.5 cm (5" x  7") mounts.

I made three batches of beaded angels this month, totalling 55 in all. I found everything I needed in my stash, and though I hate to admit it I still have enough supplies to keep making angels for many years. I really like the angels made with the red heartshaped beads (pic 3), and I wish I could remember where they came from so I could get some more.  

Before I sorted out all my Christmas ornaments (the ones going overseas need to be posted very soon) I took this photo.  These are all the ornaments I made this year, except for my own 12 Day set, and one Baby's First Christmas waiting for baby's name.

After I took that photo I got a special request for a Christmas ornament, which I have now stitched. This one brings the total number of ornaments I've made this year to 95. I decided to make another 5, so that I can bring the total to 100 Christmas ornaments. I've stitched four more ornaments but not yet finished them up. Just one more to go and I'll meet my target, which will also be a 'pb'.

I have edited out the bottom of this ornament so as not to show the personal message on this special request ornament. The red cardinal is not a bird we see here, so I was very pleased to stitch one. 

 I am stitching a little birth sampler for my great niece born in April this year. I used Lesley Teare's ballet alphabet, but omitted some of the ballerinas and and swapped some around, changed some colours, and changed the backstitching. I'm waiting for the rest of Bronte's birth details to finish it off.  It's the first time I have used Aida 18 count in many years, and I now recall why I had a huge piece sitting in my fabric drawer. I really prefer stitching on evenweave, but I am grateful that I had it available. 

 And that is all that I have to show today. 

Edited to add a pic of my final 2021 ornament - not yet finished up, but stitched. That makes 5 ornaments stitched and ready to finish - 6 if I count the Baby's First Christmas ornament for my niece's baby expected to arrive in mid December.