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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Smalls Report for September

I'm either late or early for the Smalls SAL, deoending on whether it's due on the 2nd last or last Friday of the month. I used to have a reliable memory for details like that, but I suspect those days are long gone now.  Anyway, here goes. Mary at Mary's Thread hosts the Smalls SAL, and has all the details.

It's been a quiet stitching month, as I've had lots of medical stuff going on.  I have managed to keep on track with my Shannon Christine 12 Days of Christmas SAL, stitching and finishing up Days 7 & 8 in September.  

I also stitched and finished up two Need'l Love Christmas Love ornaments, which are destined to be Christmas gifts for two nieces.

I had almost reached the end of my 2022 stitching list (just Days 9 - 12 of Shannon Christine's 12 Day set, and a Birth Sampler left to stitch), but a niece has just begged for some extra ornaments to give as gifts, so now I will be stitching at least till the end of November. I expect that I will have Smalls to show next month.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

September Gifted Gorgeousness Report

 It's been an unusual and quite stressful month, and cross stitch hasn't really been high on my priority list. My routine annual breast cancer check in late August didn't go quite to plan. The breast that had the cancer 4 years ago was fine, but they found a new lesion in the other breast. I had it removed early in September, and this week I got the biopsy results, which weren't great, but certainly could have been much worse. The next step is a course of 20 sessions of radiation, probably starting mid October.  The timing is not great, as my partner is battling a terminal cancer at present, and is not feeling so good.  I haven't picked up my cross stitch at all in September.  In the last two weeks of August I finished up a few things I had stitched earlier.


These two snowflake Christmas Trees (CrosstitchingForFun on eBay) are for my youngest sister and her son.  The trees are actually the same size, but I used a smaller frame for the one that has to travel half way across Australia. I really enjoyed stitching this design. 


This little cat ( a Barbara Monk design, floss colours changed) is for a cat-obsessed member of my extended family.

I finished up Days 5 & 6 of Shannon Christine's 12 Days of Christmas set ( stitched for me with gifted supplies).

I made another little Santa stocking for the older cousin of the twins for whom I made little Santa stockings a month or so ago. The Santa on the stocking is adapted from Kooler's Littlest Stocking design.

And I stitched, but have not yet finished up, two of these Heart Wreaths (The Need'l Love Company) for two nieces.

That is all I have to show this time.  I am hoping to stitch Days 7 & 8 of Shannon Christine's 12 Day set before the end of September, and I still have a baby sampler to stitch before December, so I am willing myself to pick up a needle and start stitching again. 

Pop over to Jo's blog Serendipitous Stitching to find the links to the other Gifted Gorgeousness reports. Anything stitched with gifted supplies, or stitched to be gifted qualifies for inclusion in the GG report.