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Friday, June 30, 2017

Smalls SAL Report for June

It's been a difficult month for me.  An unexpected health issue which left me immobile for some weeks and has left me with restrictive mobility limitations and the prospect of spinal surgery in the not too distant future.  At the same time, and for totally unrelated reasons beyond my control,  I was without phone and internet service. I was not a happy pussy cat! One of the things I can not do is stand in one place, and this has interrupted my creative flow.  Usually I stitch up a batch of 4-6 ornaments, then make them up.  My ornament count is now 13 stitched, nil finished up.  I am hopeful I'll be able to launder a few stitched ornaments soon so I can finish them up.

Most of the ornaments I have stitched are shown in the post below. So, I will just show you the two finished most recently.

I stitched this one for my second oldest niece.  I know she will like this Santa, as she stitched and framed  a very similar Santa for me about 6 years ago as a Christmas present.
Santa is a BH&G design

I stitched this one for a much loved nephew and his partner, who like the colour blue but really are not great fans of Christmas, despite my best efforts!
Some of the elements in this ornament (JOY, trees) came from designs in the 
Love Heart freebie on the BH&G website

I am unable to sit in my computer chair for more than 10 minutes at a time, so I;m off to the recliner now.  I will pop in to see the Smalls SAL reports when I can.

Friday, June 23, 2017

My very late Gifted Gorgeousness Report for Jume

It feels as if so many things have conspired to stop me from completing my June Gifted Gorgeousness Report, but here I am at last. For most of this month I have had no telephone or internet service, and I was so pleased to discover tonight that my service has been restored.  My whole area has been out because of line issues at the exchange.  It's good to know the problem has been fixed at last. I have also had a few health issues which have limited my mobility, but that is improving too.

As usual, all my stitching qualifies for GG, since everything I have stitched in the past month will be gifted.  I have stitched 9 Christmas ornaments and crocheted a couple of little hats.  I'll start with the crochet:

The pink one is for my 2 yr old great-niece Annabelle, and the small one is for Annabelle's baby brother or sister, expected any time now.

And nine Christmas ornaments, stitched and waiting to be finished up:

I have pushed past my limit at the computer tonight, so I will have to leave it at that.  I will come back and visit the blogs so I can see all the GG progress.