Come visit with me as I stitch and craft my way from one Christmas to the next - I like to have Christmas projects close by me all year. I have a particular fondness for Santas and Angels. If you have the time, leave a comment so I know you've visited.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Another three ornaments finished

These are the last of the ornaments on my stitching list for 2013.  They are for three young sisters who quite like a little bling on their Christmas ornaments.  If my calculations are right, that makes 33 ornaments finished this year.

The little Santa is adapted from a chart in an old issue of BH&G's Christmas Ideas magazine (possibly 1974 issue).

Miss Maddie is still doing very well.  Apart from our twice daily battle of wills about taking her tablets (I do make sure I always win that one) she is very settled and seems to be quite contented.  Here she is in her basket.  She loves her sheepskin - she's lets me know she's not happy when it's in the wash,

Sunday, September 15, 2013

My third recycled angel

I never thought I would have a use for the tiny black acrylic stars I have had in my bead box for ages - but they were just right for this angel!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Two new angels

They didn't start their lives as angels, but it's amazing what a pair of wings and some Christmas bling will do! Both these dolls were rescued from garage sales, and they are now going to have a second life in my house.

 I'll be making another set of wings shortly, for the third rescued angel-to-be.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happy News

I am so pleased to report that Miss Maddie is much improved, and almost back to her usual self.  She has responded well to her new medications, and her heart is pumping more strongly now.  Although she tires easily, and needs more frequent periods of sleep during the day, behaviourally she is just the way she was before she got sick.  In fact, she is eating better and certainly drinking more. Even the Vet admits she is improved, and she has now graduated to monthly vet checks instead of the weekly visits we have been having.  I am so happy!  Here are some pics I took tonight.

And I have even managed some stitching.  Here are four ornaments I finished up today.  The little Santa design is adapted from a chart that I saw in an old issue of BH&G's Christmas Ideas magazine - I think it was the 1974 issue.  The tree is adapted from a Dale Burdett chart.