Come visit with me as I stitch and craft my way from one Christmas to the next - I like to have Christmas projects close by me all year. I have a particular fondness for Santas and Angels. If you have the time, leave a comment so I know you've visited.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A little finish

This little ornament is for my new great-niece Chloe, who is just one week old. The cute little teddy design is a freebie from the DMC site.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

JOF Progress Pic

Page 8 is well on the way to being finished (that sound you can hear is me cheering in the background...), and I am keen to see what page 9 brings. I'm hoping it's large blocks of solid colours and no confetti stitches, but I doubt that's likely! Of course, I could have checked the chart to discover what's in store for the next few weeks, but I figured there's no point in getting ahead of myself. While I can, I'm going to dream it will be easy stitching for the next page.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Progress on JOF

I can just see my sister Gayle looking at the pic and wondering why I bothered to put in a pic so similar to the one in the last post ... well, to me it looks like progress. It certainly represents hours of work! The reds on the cap are stitched, and I've (only just) started on the cap's fur trim. I am keen to get page 8 stitched, but I'm certainly not holding my breath till it's finshed!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

JOF is back in play

I am, of course, referring to my WIP - Haed Jolly Old Fellow. This is where I stopped last year - midway through page 8.JOF is back down in my stitching corner (aka the longe room), and I have put in the first few stitches. I hope to have the reds of the hat finished in the next day or so - just a small section of what is still to be stitched on page 8, but a start! As I expected, it is taking a while for me to adapt back to the tiny stitches, but I think I'm there now (ever the optimist ...).

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Yet more angels

I've spent the last few days refining the design for my new angels. These angels ('yoyo angels') were my inspiration. They were designed by Dimity Llewelyn, and I found the pattern in an old issue of Handmade magazine (2008, Volume 26, No. 4).
This is my first attempt at making this style of angel. I made a few changes - both to the materials and the construction method.

This is the front of one of my angels:

and this is the back of the same angel:

And here are all 20 of my yoyo angels. They're designed to hang, but they do sit quite nicely too.

These are my last angels for a while. I'm packing away my beads and fabrics, and getting back to what I am meant to be working on - my Jolly Old Fellow. I meant to start stitching on it again at the beginning of July - and here we are, almost one week of July gone already, and JOF has not even been brought down to the stitching corner. It's almost a year since I packed him away. It will take me a little while to re-adjust to stitching on my lap-frame, but it's time to get moving - I do want to finish this design sometime in the next few years, and that's just not going to happen if I leave JOF sitting upstairs untouched. He'll be my only project for the rest of this month, and then I'll re-assess.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

More Angels

I've just finished a batch of 16 button angels - more Christmas angels! They are actually much cuter than the pic suggests . These little angels either sit or hang.