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Thursday, February 26, 2009

I've had a very nasty visitor ...

and I do so wish he'd move on - he has created havoc with my stitching, and I am not a happy pussycat tonight! I am, of course talking of the Slimy Green One. He hasn't visited me in such a long time, and I really wish he had stayed away. I'm in such a state now that I can't even work out where I've gone wrong . I'm off to bed now, hopeful that during the night my unwelcome visitor will take himself off - hopefully for a long swim south to Antarctica. I hope that in the morning I will see where the problem is and be able to work out a plan of attack to remedy this mess that I have on my fabric.

Btw Yoyo - there aren't really 230 000 stitches in the HAED JOF - it's 203 600 stitches. I just got a bit carried away - I'm blaming that frog!


Yoyo said...

Oh right, it WAS just a test, scared me to death!!! I'm sorry about your visitor, hopes he runs off in fear of your wrath. Just go slowly, you'll find it.

Yoyo said...


Cindy F and Wendy have just started an HAED Designs Blog. They are doing it like the 2009 Christmas Challenge, you join as an author and then post your progress, etc. In case you want to look into it here is the link Our Friends HAED SAL

Wendy said...

Hi Elfie,
That's great you want to join our HAED SAL too. We will sent you an invitation so you can join. Can you please email me or Cindy F. your emailadress, so we can sent you an invitation.
You work looks really great, I come back to visit your blog again.

Have a nice day,