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Friday, March 12, 2010

Half-way there ...

I've passed the half-way point of the chart, but since there appears to be more stitching in the top half of the chart than the bottom half, I'm claiming to be over half-way there. I can only show the section I'm working on, as I'd have to remove the fabric from the scrolls to get the whole stitched Angel in the pic, and I really don't want to take it off the scrolls. Soon I'll be up to the floral trim (which I will be beading), and then I'll really feel as if I'm on the home stretch.

I have been looking at my HAED Jolly Old Fellow lately, and wanting to get stitching on it again, so that's an indication for me that I'm heading for the finish line on my Angel. My new stitching goal is to finish Angel of Grace and also finish page 8 of JOF before May 24. Or rather - if I did stitching goals, that's what my current one would be. I've less than half of page 8 to finish on JOF, so I think it's almost possible.

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