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Friday, April 2, 2010

More progress

I have made good progress in the past week, and I am very pleased with how she is growing. Once again I'm just showing the area where I am currently stitching - it's just too difficult to take her off the split rods to take a pic of the entire stitched area. Marg - if you're watching - you should be able to see the finished Angel when you're in town on 17th April. I have the tail of the over-skirt to finish, then there's just the floral trim and the flounce to stitch. I am really looking forward to bringing Jolly Old Fellow down to my stitching corner as soon as the Angel is stitched and off the frame.
I am also very pleased with my Dad's progress at his Hostel. He's sort-of settled in, though often when I visit I find he has packed all his 'precious' things (today it was his torch, clock, phone number list, newspaper, hat, walking stick and my brother's work shirt) into the basket of his walking frame, and unplugged and neatly rolled up the electrical cords of the recliner, TV and stereo, so that he's ready to leave as soon as he's 'turfed out', which he often mistakenly thinks is about to happen. Most of the time he seems contented, and he is the first to get to the dining room for his meals and the last to leave, so that's something. Today he allowed that there was plenty of choice and variety in the meals, which was the first positive comment about the food. The food is actually delicious - I know, because when Dad was on his hunger strike I tasted many meals in an attempt to coax him to eat.
Happy Easter!

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