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Monday, July 12, 2010

Progress on JOF

I can just see my sister Gayle looking at the pic and wondering why I bothered to put in a pic so similar to the one in the last post ... well, to me it looks like progress. It certainly represents hours of work! The reds on the cap are stitched, and I've (only just) started on the cap's fur trim. I am keen to get page 8 stitched, but I'm certainly not holding my breath till it's finshed!


Pamela said...

Glad to see you are working on JOF again! You are definitely making progress!

I have started to work on those crazy snowmen again. It's taken a couple of ladies to stitch with to get me going! I found them on Facebook - both in Santee, CA.

Good luck and happy stitching! I'll be watching for more progress! :-)

Santee, CA, USA

Elfie said...

That's great, Pamela. Looking forward to the snowmen pics!

Babs said...

Great progress, love to see more off it