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Monday, March 14, 2011

Little HD at my house

I have just put in the final stitches in page 9 of JOF. Yay! This page stitched up much quicker than I anticipated. It did have a fair amount of solid colour blocks, which I notice the next page has little of. I'll have very little chance of stitching on JOF for the rest of this month, but I'll get back to it in April. I have now revised my target, and I now hope to finish pages 10, 11, and 12 (which is a very small page) before mid-May.I am very pleased to report that Maddie has had no further fits, and seems to be pretty much back to her usual self. I am so happy about that.

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sew susie said...

Elfie, I am so pleased to hear that Maddie is doing well. Always a worry when they are not 100%, especially when they are older.
JOF is coming along nicely, I especially like the wonderful blue background. Another page completed in good time. I enjoy watching your progress, lovely stitching.