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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mission accomplished

My craft room is now clean and organised, and my off-season clothes are hanging in the wardrobe.  They're happily sharing the wardrobe with several boxes of the things I wasn't strong enough to throw out - mainly boxes of pretty teacups, photo frames of all styles, shapes and sizes, beads and ribbons.  Even I was shocked by how many teacups I found!  I stopped counting when I hit 100, but there were more uncounted than counted at that stage.  Given that I've never made up more than 5 teacup pincushions in any one year, and that's all I do with them, I concede that it is excessive.  But they are so pretty - how would I choose which ones to discard?   And those photo frames - I had enough bigger ones to fill three shelves of one of my two-door metal strage cupboards, and two large cardboard boxes of small and tiny frames as well.  Maybe one day I will use them all - if I live another hundred years or so...

I did sort through every cupboard and box, and I managed to fill eight 'green bags' for the op shop, and dropped them off this afternoon.  I hope some crafters visit the op shop and buy up all my lovely craft supplies and magazines. And actually use them to create something nice!  I also got 2 large boxes of wooden beads and folk-art supplies (wooden cut-outs of stars and hearts, old fashioned dolly pegs, paints etc) that I'm giving to my niece to use for her class-room projects with her class of kindergarten & Year 1 children.

I'm now mid-way through the guest bedroom.  All I have left to do is make up the bed, pack away all the wooden bears and exces cushions, and dust.  The timing is good, as I'm expecting guests for the weekend.  Prednisone is a wonderful drug!  Miss Maddie's not happy about it - she prefers me to spend my evenings sitting on my recliner with feet elevated so she can have her preferred spot on a cushion between my feet. Luckily, the course of prednisone will be finished in a week, so there's an end in sight.

I actually managed to put in a few stitches in JOF tonight - not many, but at least it's a positive sign.  I think I'd be stitching more if I was in a part of the chart that has stretches of the same floss to stitch, but unfortunately it's all confetti stitches at present, and my frustration tolerance is minimal right now.  I am so close to finishing page 26, so I'll try to persevere - maybe not tonight, but tomorrow is another day.

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Beth Pearce said...

Wow! You have gotten lots done. Great going! I tried tackling my craft room earlier this year and got some things out of there, but I have two big boxes of kits etc I want to put on ebay that hasn't happened yet!