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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

OK - who broke the mirror that had my name on it?

There has to be some explanation for what's happening around me - the universe is throwing blows at me and mine!  I know it's not nice to whinge, but that's what I feel like doing right now!  Here's what's happening in my life:
  • My partner's mother was diagnosed with early Alzheimers Disease, which is progressing very quickly,, and this week we had to take her car from her as her drivers licence was revoked.  Because of her poor short-term memory, she forgets that she has Alzheimers, and that she has lost her licence, so everytime we have to confront her with the facts it is like it's the first time she has heard it, and she grieves each time.  It's heart-beaking - and I know it's going to get a lot worse before too much longer.
  • My Dad (who has dementia and has been in care for 2 years, and is about to turn 90 this month) is spiralling down into a depressive phase, and is so very sad that he has attempted self-harm (again).  For several days he refused food and medications, but at least he is eating now and taking some medications, so I'm hopeful he will continue to improve.
  • I got a headcold that led to sinusitis, then asthma, then bronchitis, and it just won't clear, and  I feel miserable, and my head pounds everytime I cough (which is often!).
  • Tree roots pushed on the wall of the pergola, weakening the structure, and causing it to become so unsafe that it had to be pulled down.
  • The long-term tenant in my rental unit left without notice (for medical reasons), taking only his clothes and valuables, and leaving the unit full of possessions and furniture (but in a clean state).  It turns out that he was an avid op-shopper and hoarder, and he lived in the unit for 12 years.  I have spent weeks emptying the unit and cleaning it.  In doing so, I discovered that charity shops are extremely particular about what furniture and donations they will accept.  Things that seemed to me to be very usable items in good condition were unacceptable to some charities, but acceptable to others - the trick was working out who would take what!
  • It sounds as though my car is developing clutch problems - I know the symptoms, as the clutch was replaced just 60,000 km ago (seems very recent!)
  • A hive of bees moved into the cavity brick external wall of my loungeroom, and I had to call a pestman and have them removed - now I feel like a bee murderer.  To make it worse, stray bees keep returning to the hive (now sealed up) flying around aimlessly looking lost.
I'm sure it will seem better in the morning - if I can get some sleep between coughs.    I think I'll go out and buy a lottery ticket tomorrow -  I think I'm due for a change of luck.

I've popped back in (sleep being elusive tonight) to add a pic of the two Christmas ornaments i've just finished up.  These are for two friends and workmates who are regular Christmas visitors.  The design is by Sam Hawkins, from his '50 Santas' cross stitch book.  I added the holly and beaded borders. Actually, the picture doesn't really do them justice - they look much prettier in reality - or is that my bias showing?

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sharine said...

Sending good thoughts to you. Your ornaments look lovely:)