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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This could be my final ornament finish for 2012 ...

such a pity it is a quickie finished in a little gold coloured star shaped frame.  I would have preferred a majestic ornament finish.  Poor planning, I guess.  I'll have to watch that next year.

Once again it's adapted from the little stocking design in LA's Christmas Caboodle leaflet.  I changed all the colours, the pattern and contents of the stocking, so it's really just the stocking shape I'm acknowledging I suppose.

Just one thing left on my stitching list now - my niece's wedding sampler - and I'm still waiting for the chart to arrive from USA.  I'm hopeful it will be in my letterbox after the postie does his round today.  I've decided to change the floss colours to match the colours of my niece's bridal party (also her favourite colour - purple).  And I'll stitch it on a linen to match the cream colour of her bridal gown.  I'm keen to get it kitted up and started.

Excitement is starting to build in my house - well, on my part anyway! Just 2 months now until my big day (that's Christmas Day - the highlight of my year!).  I'm about to take the pre-Christmas photos (to help me return everything to its rightful place after Christmas) and start amping up the planning of the Christmas decoration placement for 2012 - though I have to admit I've already spent way too much time on that. 

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