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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Beginnings of an angel

I've made a start on one wing - it's the angel's right wing, but the one on the left as you look at the pic - I always get confused about that. The pic doesn't really do it justice. The fabric colour is a little brighter than it appears. I'm getting used to stitching over 2 on the 25 count, but I really do prefer stitching on finer fabrics. Some of my stitches look a bit uneven to me, and I've done so much unpicking and restitching that I feel like a novice stitcher again. I hope I get better at this. I did briefly consider stitching Angel of Hope over 1 on the 25 count, and I probably would have been more comfortable doing that. But the wall she will hang on is a very tall one (cathedral ceiling in that part of the house), and I really did want the framed piece to be as large as possible. I've worked out that when framed she will be about 33 inches tall, and that will go really well in the space I have in mind.

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Mel said...

Progress on the Angel! :)
She is looking great so far.