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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Totally Useless SAL - a little late

Better late than never, as my mother used to say - so here's my Totally Useless SAL jar. The keen observer will notice that my jar has grown - both the contents and the jar, actually. I had to move up to a 3 litre jar, from the 2 litre jar I started the SAL with. If my maths are correct (and it's a long time since high school for me) my 3 litre jar is equivalent to a US 3 quart jar. I tried not to mix up the layers when I transferred the contents to their new home, but there was a bit of movement so I just pressed it down as much as I could and moved on. In the last month I have added the floss bands from kitting up my Angel of Hope, the waste threads from stitching the Angel (mostly whites and blues) and threads from a couple of little Christmas designs I stitched in the past few days. I popped the jar onto a trunk to take the pic, and I so liked the contrast between the TUSAL jar and the old earthenware bottles and toothpaste containers that I decided to leave the pic as it was rather than edit out the nn-TUSAL bits.
I'm going to pop around to TUSAL participant sites now, to check on progress.


Cindy F. said...

Cool pic!!

Yoyo said...

Well that is a nice little display you've made there, how cute. I expect there will be several of us enlarging our containers over time. I hope your joints/appendages or whatevers' that are keeping you away from the needle clears up soon. The Angel is looking beautiful...I've never had the courage to try an L/L design they just look so intimidating to me and you are just zipping through this one. Sending you some healing energy and a big hug.