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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Santas again

This is a close-up of my Santa tree, on the landing of the bedroom level. The top of the tree is missing - I just couldn't get it all in the shot. I do particularly love this tree, and I have so many lovely memories of the Santas on it - where I got them from, and when. Some I have had for over 30 years, a very few are new this year. I try to get my Santas in sets of two so I can have the tree sort-of symetrical. On this tree I have Santas that I bought all over Australia, and in USA, Hong Kong, China and New Zealand, and Santas that have been sent to me from UK and Ireland. There are also some I painted or stitched. Beneath the tree is my collection of Christmas tins. I particularly like tins with Santa on them, and especially older tins and tiny tins.


stitchinfiend said...

Love the tree and those tins are simply gorgeous. Where do you store them all when you take them down?

Elfie said...

Luckily, we also have a large collection of vintage wooden suitcases, metal trunks, and wooden boxes. Right now they're full of non-Christmas decorating items, but for the rest of the year they house Christmas items. I also store Christmas away in the study built-in-cupboard, and in my craft room, and if all else fails, there's always the rafters in the garage. It's like a treasure hunt each November!