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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Time out

No stitching progress pic today. I've not had much stitching time at all in the past week or so. I've mostly been involved with my Dad and my family. Dad is now much improved and has been discharged from hospital. He's moved into a local aged care hostel (that sounds so simple when I write it - believe me, the actual process was not so easy!). We (his children) are hoping that he will adjust to the change and come to enjoy his new home. So far, progress has been slow, but he is at least making an attempt to eat something at each meal now, and he does like the bed, so I guess that's something. The staff seem really caring, and the hostel is lovely - its new and still in the process of accepting residents. There are only 12 residents so far, though the capacity of the hostel is 66. The communal areas are well set up, and include an enclosed courtyard, so he can sit out in the sun when he has the urge to do so. Dad has a lovely large room with a huge ensuite. So far he's hardly left his room, but we're hopeful that he will join in the hostel activities as time progresses.

I'm hopeful to have some stitching progress to show soon.


Kelly said...

Hugs my friend. Glad to hear he is doing better. I am praying for you all!


stitchinfiend said...

I was only thinking of you and wondering how things were going. I am so pleased to hear that your Dad is out of hospital and that he like some things about the home. Hugs