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Thursday, December 30, 2021

Smalls Report - December 2021

 The last day of the year, and the final Smalls Report for 2021. This year has just flown by, despite its hurdles and lockdowns. I am pleased to have some Smalls to show this month. The Smalls report is hosted by Mary at Mary's Thread.

My niece's baby arrived according to plan on 14th December, so I have finished my new greatnephew's First Christmas ornament, and mailed it to the new parents.

I finished all my 2021 stitching list early, and was missing my stitching, so I started another 12 Day set in December (because one can never have too many sets of 12 Day ornaments)  and I surprised myself by stitching all 12 this month.  I intended to stitch a maximum of 6, and do the rest in 2022, but I just kept stitching. I had the Dimensions chart, and plenty of floss,  but not enough of any one fabric to stitch the set  and right now with my 3 lns having closed down in 2021, and postal deliveries delayed because of COVID and stock unavailability, I decided to use what fabric I did have to hand. That's why the ornaments vary in fabric colour and stitch count, but I can live with that. It will be a reminder of how we were 'living with COVID' (if I am ever lucky enough to forget!). 

All 12 were stitched in time to be made up into Christmas ornaments.

I have enjoyed being part of the Smalls group again this year. Mary, thank you for hosting it.


Rachel said...

What a lovely set to have stitched up so quickly! I'm not sure my 'OCD' could have coped with different fabrics and in different counts but, like you said, they're a reminder of the world at the moment and that will, no doubt, be a talking point as you bring them out each Christmas. :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a well behaved baby to arrive on time!
I love your final 12 Days set and honestly hadn't noticed the different fabrics. It does make them a unique memory of this time.

Mary's Thread said...

Well done one that last series of 12 days! They look lovely, and I actually like the mismatched look. They have personality! Thank you for joining the SAL!