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Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's May already ...

and I am just not ready for it! One-third of 2010 is behind us now, but I can't claim to be one-third of the way through all the things I have on my 'to do' list for 2010!

We're just back from a lovely week in the van at Kangaroo Valley, in a particularly beautiful part of the Southern Highlands of NSW. It was a very restful week, though we did quite a lot of day-tripping during the week. I learned something new during the week. I had always thought that ANZAC Day was a day on which Aussies stayed home, with most venturing no further than their local ANZAC memorial and/or march venue, with perhaps a visit to a pub or club later in the day. Not so this year. A very, very large number of families came to Kangaroo Valley for a weekend of camping with their friends. Perhaps because this year we had the benefit of a long weekend for ANZAC Day? We left our almost deserted caravan park Friday morning for a drive over the mountains to Berry and Nowra, and when we arrived back late afternoon, there had been a major population explosion at the caravan park. It was tent city - big time. Hundreds of tents had popped up all over the place, and every tent or group of tents had its own little cooking fire. It was so great to see all those people camping and having fun. On Monday we left the crowded caravan park in the morning, and late afternoon arrived back to an almost empty - but incredibly clean - park. All in all it was a very uplifting experience for me.

I didn't get a lot of stitching time while we were camping, but I did stitch three little Christmas designs that I will turn into Christmas ornaments next week. I didn't take my Angel with me, so I haven't yet finished her - just about half of the beaded floral skirt trim to go, so I'm hoping for a finish in the next few days.

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