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Friday, November 30, 2012

Here are the last of the downstairs pics

My house has a slightly odd layout.  The entry is on the middle level of the house.  From the entry, you go down to the loungreoom, study and laundry.  This year I have decrated the stairs with trees and a few other bits and pieces. It's really hard to get a good shot of the stairs.  This was the best I could do.


 The Santa is a rescue-Santa.  I found him in a very dirty condition at a garage sale.  He used to sit on the bar of a club, till the bartender got sick of his antics (he laughs vigorously and says 'Merry Christmas' or 'Happy New Year' when the button on his feet is pressed).  So I bought him home, gave him and his clothes a good wash, and found him a spot in my Christmas house.

Here are some of my reindeers (another accidental collection):

At the bottom of the stairs

and at the top (entry level)

And here are my baskets of take-home gifts for Christmas visitors.  Children choose from the basket on the stool, and also get a Christmas cracker; adults choose from the middle basket.

And DP's advent calendar - one gift a day from December 1 (tomorrow!)
 and I choose a gift each day from my Advent basket.
Here's a pic of my Santa Reunion - from memory, it was a Dimensions chart.  I added the title.  It hangs above my TV.  It was one of my favourites to stitch - so many Santas!
And one final pic - my very favourite Santa masks,  These are cardboard face-masks, complete with holes for the eyes (I had to put black paper behind the holes when I put the masks on a white wall, otherwise it looks freaky!)  I bought these masks over 20 years ago at a craft fair, and I just love Santa's face.

And that finishes the tour of the bottom level of the house.  The middle level is coming next time.

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Anne said...

Really nice decorations! Your santas are so sweet. Your stitching of santas is very cute too. :)