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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I couldn't leave the lounge-room

without showing you my HAED Jolly Old Fellow on the wall:

Doesn't he look like he belongs there!  The Santa doll sitting on the ottoman beneath JOF is an old favourite.  I'm not telling how long I've had him, but he did move here to this house with me in 1988 ...

The next photo isn't so flattering for JOF, but it does catch my Miss Maddie emerging from her little nook near my stitching chair - at floor level at right back.  She has a little bed there, between my recliner and the 3 seater lounge.  Mostly she sits on the end of my recliner, but occasionally she likes to stretch out in her bed.


And continuing round the lounge room:

L&L's Gift of Joy and Christmas Peace, and Vermillion's Portrait of Santa hang above the lounge.  The hanging display box on the left has little Santas in it.

and another two of my favourites - Santa and Mrs Claus knitted for me many years ago by an old friend.

That just about finishes the bottom floor of the house, except for the stairwell, which I will show next time.


Annie said...

LOVE your Christmas decorations! Such a cozy place to sit and stitch! JOF looks wonderful there. He is in my wishlish on the HAED site. I have done the two L&L Santas hanging over your loveseat, and I have Portrait of Santa on my to-do list. Guess we have really similar tastes in Santa stitching!

Anne said...

Lovely, lovely!! :)