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Friday, January 30, 2009

Have to get out those charts soon ...

I'll be going camping for a week soon, and there's no way I want to take my floorstand with me, so I'll be having to decide on a small project/s to take with me. I think I'll stitch a Christmas ornament for my great-nephew. He's one of the children I stitch an ornie for each year. So, I'll get my Christmas charts out today and try and decide on a design. Luckily, he's only 2, so I can recall what I've stitched for him in the past. Some of the children I stitch for are teenagers now, and there are many times when I wish I'd kept a photo record of the ornies I've stitched for them over the years. Many a time I have agonised over a design, knowing I have stitched it before, but not remembering who the recipient was.

My planned camping trip has also caused me to think about the Totally Useless SAL. Much as I love my big glass jar, I don't fancy taking it on an outing. So, I've decided to switch to a zip-lock bag for ort collection, and transfer the contents into my jar when I return. I think I'll keep a zip-lock bag with my stitching basket at home too, and transfer the contents to the jar at the end of each stitching session (or every couple of days when I'm feeling lazy). That will limit the chances of my jar tumbling gracefully to the slate floor when I accidentally nudge my basket with my floor-frame, as almost happened last night. Of course, I was enthralled in the Australian Open tennis semifinal match at the time (yay, Nadal!), so I wasn't giving my ort jar the consideration it has grown used to.


Yoyo said...

Ahhhh, those growing children. Thanks for the idea, I'll be sure to keep a record, my grandchildren are all three boys, so I know I'll have that some "what did I stitch for who" problem.

I'm laughing.....I broke my nice little glass jar already. I knew it was going to be too small when I started out, but still, it had been a nice little glass up there in the cupboard. Zip lock sounds good for vacationing. I'm actually using a plastic container I used to keep odd pasta in for now.

Also, I came by to ask you, "What is a demijohn?" I know I've heard the word, but I'm not sure I know exactly what it is. (in reference to your reply to my stoneware post a few days ago).

Elfie said...

I thought i led\ft a comment earlier, but it hasn't posted. I'll try again.

Demijohns could be an Aussie term. All the ones we have are Aussie-made. They're large stoneware bottles or jugs, and were traditionally used to store liquids - every thing from battery acid to medicinals, alcohol, oils etc. Some have handles, some came in protective cane or wooden baskets, most had stoneware stoppers, but some had large corks to seal them. Sizes vary - we have one that is 2ft tall and about 15 inches diameter, lots that are 18 inches tall, and some just 12 inches tall.